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Rent a van or car

Rent a van

Are you looking for a car? We have many possibilities. Ask us via booking email.

VW Transporter

A good van for your band. Price: 2500 CZK per day. (100 EUR) Year of made 2015, 2.0TDi, average consumption: 7.5l/100km

VW Touran

A family car for very comfortable ride. Price: 1900 CZK per day. (75 EUR) Year of made 2011, 1.6TDi, average consumption: 5.8l/100km

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Diesel, V4 cylinder - very big car for big bands. There are seat´s for 9 persons, a lot of space for everything, two sleeping spaces. Price: 4000 CZK per day. (153 EUR) This price included driver services and 50km range for movement. Every next kilometre above 50km costs 15 CZK or 0.5 EUR.