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We offer

  • A complete drum set Pearl Vision with cymbals - 1390,-
  • Guitar amplifier Marshall DSL 100H with the box - 700,-
  • Guitar combo Fender Frontman 1OOW 212R - 400,-
  • Bass combo Hartke HyDrive 250W - 400,-
  • Complete PA system with three microphones Shure - 1200,-
  • Another equipment for rent, check our price list zde


Moskevska 1543/65a, 101 00
Prague Vrsovice, the entrance is 20m opposite bus stop no.101 Vrsovicky Hrbitov

Transport of the equipment directly to the place of your venue

Price of transport within Prague 600,-
Price of transport out of Prague Individually by the mileage range

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Prague - Moskevska 1543/65a